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Faxing is essentially the physical version of email. You pop some stuff into a machine and it prints out at a machine somewhere else. However, there are some uses for it. Some companies and government entities still require you to fax things from time to time. Otherwise, why would you be here? You can send faxes using your Android device for fairly cheap.


4 Best Fax Apps to Send and Receive Fax for Android

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FaxBurner: Fax to Email Technology

Here are some more apps that could help with your document needs. Easy Fax Price: Free with in-app purchases. Easy Fax is a competent solution for faxing documents.

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The app includes support for images as well as PDF format. There is also a scanner function in the app in case you need to digitize the documents before sending them. The prices are fairly reasonable like most faxing apps. You get 15 free credits to start with.

It's functional and it works fine. However, there are better apps for scanning documents. We recommend having a scanner app for your real life paperwork. FaxFile Price: FaxFile is one of a few competent fax apps. It features a simple interface and cheap prices. You simply fill out the recipient and sender information, pay for your fax, and then send it on its way.

The app works with a credit system. You can purchase credits for set amounts of money. You spend the credits when you fax things. There is also a subscription available for unlimited faxing every month, but we only recommend that for the heaviest use cases.

5 great faxing apps for iOS and Android

Users have complained about a few hiccups here and there. However, it seems to work well in general. The developers suggest calling the fax number to ensure that it's picking up calls before wasting your money sending a fax. Genius Fax Price: Genius Fax is a companion app to the popular Genius Scan. The workflow is that you use the scan app to put your documents into your phone. You then use the fax app to fax it out. You can also pull files from Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other app. People can also receive faxes if they need to.

Here's how it works. You have to spend money to fax. However, you can also spend money to temporarily rent a fax number to receive faxes from others. Renting a number can last for one, three, or six months. You can add months if you need them. Just take a picture and faxes it to anywhere within your Android phone.

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Fax Burner is a fax machine Android app sends and receives free faxes to your email inbox, iPhone and Android phone. It should be a versatile application to send faxes. FilesAnywhere is the free fax app for Android that sends and receives faxes at anywhere and anytime. It is to view, share and manage remote files directly from Android phone.

A Note on Faxing Apps

The article introduces 10 free fax apps for Android. You can choose anyone suits you most according to your requirements. These apps can bring you a lot of convenience, you do not worry about so send or receive a fax when you are not in the office. You don't need to stay next to the fax machine anymore. Just download the free Android fax apps to learn more detail about the programs.

4 Best Fax Apps to Send and Receive Fax for Android | Mashtips

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